When Beginning Your Mattress Search, Consider These Four Key Points

by | Nov 21, 2023

Different brands, models and prices often make buying a mattress an overwhelming experience. Don’t let yourself get exhausted or confused! First determine your priorities, then start to shop. Knowing what you’re looking for is important, while the process for choosing a mattress may be the same for everyone, priorities vary with individuals.

Ask our Brothers Bedding sleep expert to guide you and educate you on buying your new mattress…. they are trained to not pressure anyone rather educate

1. Comfort

You sleep best when your bed helps you feel comfortable, cozy and secure. In order to find the best mattress for you, you need to choose the right level of firmness. We recommend that you lie down on the mattress you like best for at least 15 minutes to ensure that it’s right for you. Don’t be afraid to lay there until you feel you have a good idea if it will work for you. Your comfort is what is most important, we promise we don’t mind at all!

Comfort refers to the “feel” of the mattress set or how hard or soft it is. It’s derived from a combination of the upholstery materials and the support system of the mattress. Something to keep in mind is if the innersprings are the same, a mattress with harder padding materials is not better or more supportive than a mattress with plusher, softer padding materials. They can both be supportive; it just depends on which you like better.

In order to test each mattress, try lying down in your typical sleeping positions. Arrange yourself in your favorite sleeping position and stay there for a bit.

Here are some quick tips to keep in mind:

  • Side sleepers usually prefer thicker and softer padding than back sleepers as it contours better to your shoulders and hips.
  • Softer mattresses mean thicker, higher mattresses. So, make sure that the bed is not too high for you to get in and out of comfortably. Also, check to see if a thicker mattress will cover up too much of your headboard. You may want to consider a low profile foundation to decrease the total height of your mattress set. We carry many heights of Foundations ask your sleep expert.
  • Many of the sheets available will fit today’s thicker mattresses, but you may need deep pocket or high contour sheets for some of the extra deep models.


Comfort isn’t just about feel. Cramped quarters can turn sleeping into a nightly wrestling match. A healthy sleeper moves anywhere from 40 to 60 times per night, so it’s important to choo`se a size that will allow you freedom of motion while you sleep and will help you relax. Standard mattress sizes are shown below:


  • Antique Beds
  • Boat Mattresses
  • Box Spring Build-ups
  • Bunk Boards
  • Campers
  • Corner Cuts
  • 81 Coil Box Springs
  • Hinging – Allows you to fold your mattress without damaging the innerspring.
  • Hospital Mattresses
  • Low Profile Box Springs
  • Rollaway Mattresses
  • Sleep Sofa Replacement Mattresses
  • Truck Mattresses
  • Waterbed Replacements

In addition, some of the most common special sizes are listed in the table below. Please give us a call 865-689-2373 for more information or if you would like to place an order for a custom product.

Size Width* Length*
California King 72″ 84″
California Queen  60″  84″
 Super Single**  46.5″  81″
 Three-Quarter  48″  75″
 Three-Quarter Short  48″  72″
 Twin Extra Long  38″  80″
 Full Extra Long  53″  80″

* Length and width dimensions for custom size mattresses and foundations have a tolerance of ± 1.5”.

* Please note that while we will make just about any size you request; you may have trouble finding sheets and other bedding to fit your custom mattress and box spring. There are catalogs that sell many special size sheets. You may also buy a flat sheet for a size larger than your custom mattress and tuck it under.

** A standard Super Single is approximately 48″ x 84″. At Brothers Bedding Mattress Factory, our Super Single finishes at approximately 46.5″ x 81″, with a tolerance of + 1.5″. This smaller size makes is easier to put on sheets and make the bed.

Here are some additional tips when thinking about size:

  • Foundations are slightly smaller than the mattress. This slight size differential is normal and is mainly due to the additional layers of upholstery in a mattress.
  • If more than one person is sleeping in the bed, we strongly recommend a Queen or King size. Both are wider and longer than the standard double or Full size bed.


The padding or upholstery layers of a mattress are composed of cotton, fiber or foam. These layers insulate the body from the innerspring unit and allow for the creation of different comfort by adding varying amounts and/or types of padding. Upholstery materials, combined with the innerspring and box spring support system, are largely responsible for the “feel” or “comfort” of a mattress.







Upholstery Tip:

  • Cotton is one of the finest upholstery materials available for use in a mattress. It’s an excellent insulator against coil feel. Cotton also helps the mattress maintain a more consistent feel as it firms up slightly over time, offsetting the softening characteristics of foam. Cotton is also breathable, a sustainable resource and a natural fiber.

Mattress Factory

2. Support Your Body


Correct support is an essential ingredient for a healthy body. Support is mainly delivered through the “core” of the mattress, which can be innerspring, foam, air or water. It’s also delivered through the box spring or foundation under the mattress.

A good mattress and box spring will gently support your body at all points and keep your spine in the same shape as a person with good standing posture. When trying a mattress, pay special attention to the heaviest parts of your body; your hips, shoulders and lower back. If there is inadequate support, you may develop back pain. If a mattress is too rigid, you may experience uncomfortable pressure.


Innersprings are the most common type of support system used to make mattresses. These units are comprised of metal coils that are either pocketed or open and laced. Innersprings provide dynamic support to your body by conforming to the body’s contours and responding to natural movements during sleep.



There is a lot that goes into making an innerspring. In general, just remember more steel equals better support and durability.

1. Coil Count:

The number of coils in your mattress. Coil count isn’t everything, but there should be more than 300 coils in a Full size model. Likewise, there should be a minimum of 375 coils in a Queen size and 450 coils in a King size.

2. Wire Gauge:

The thickness of a wire. The lower the number, the thicker and more durable the wire. For example, a 12 ¾ gauge wire is thicker than a 15 gauge wire.

3. Number of Turns or Rotations:

A coil turn is defined as a complete rotation in the coil. More turns equate to more coil resiliency and longer coil life. In addition, more turns allow the sleeper’s weight to be distributed across more wire, resulting in less wire fatigue in the coil.

Coil Count

Coil Count

4. Unit Size:

An innerspring unit can be standard size or foam encased. Standard size units have coils extend from edge to edge, providing uniform support. Some standard size units also have a border rod around the perimeter for additional edge support. A foam-cased unit, on the other hand, is smaller in size as coils are removed and replaced with a foam edge. All of our innerspring mattresses are built with standard size units complete with a border rod construction.

Foam Escasement

Foam Escasement

Border Rod

Border Rod


As the name suggests, a pocket-coil mattress is made up of a number of metal coils or springs, each individually wrapped in a fabric “pocket” or sleeve. This type of spring support system is known by a number of names (pocketed spring, encased spring, Marshall coil, etc.) and has become increasingly popular among sleepers.

The material of the spring itself may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but ultimately it’s the fabric sleeve that makes this type of mattress a total game (or sleep) changer.

The fabric sleeves in a pocket-coil system allow the spring to act independently of one another, thereby minimizing movement across the mattress and creating an airy feel.

As for the actual metal coils, a pocket-coil mattress will have cylindrical-shaped springs. Rather than narrowing in the middle like those of a traditional innerspring mattress, these pocket coils will be uniform in width from top to bottom.


On the other hand, pocket-coil mattresses may cost slightly more than an innerspring depending on the manufacturer. However, this type of mattress has become more popular in recent years, so the price difference between the two types isn’t as large as it used to be.

Plus, in terms of return on investment, a mattress that incorporates pocket-springs is going to be a much better, long-term deal. Not only does the cylindrical spring hold up better than the hourglass spring, but the pocketed system also does wonders for your body.

Because each spring in a pocket-coil mattress moves independently, the mattress has a much easier time contouring to the shape of your body. It also relieves a lot of pressure on areas like the back, neck, shoulders and hips that tend to give many of us the most trouble.

In fact, a pocket-coil mattress’ springs can vary in degrees of tension depending on their location. For example, springs near the foot of the bed may be more responsive (i.e. squishy), whereas ones toward the middle of the bed might be firmer. In this sense, a pocket-coil mattress can be more customizable than a traditional innerspring.

Similarly, the independence of the springs means you won’t feel your partner’s movement as much — if at all — resulting in a more peaceful sleep. Also, air flows smoothly between the standalone, sealed coils so your body won’t overheat during sleep.

Another great benefit of the pocket-coil system is that it’s often used in hybrid mattresses (like the Brothers Bedding Hybrid), which use a combination of foam and springs. The pocketed springs form a supportive base upon which top layers of various foams sit, creating an optimal design to accommodate different heights and weights.


Foam mattresses are becoming increasingly popular in today’s market. Like an innerspring mattress, a foam mattress conforms to and supports your body by allowing your hips and shoulders to penetrate the surface while allowing the back to be supported in its proper position.

If you are interested in a mattress with a foam core, there are a few different kinds of foam available. It’s important to consider the type of foam as well as its density and Indentation Load Deflection (ILD). ILD is a measure of a foam’s load bearing capacity and is indicative of the foam’s feel (hardness/softness).


Polyurethane foam is both durable and lightweight and makes up the high density foam core of our foam mattresses. It conforms comfortably to an individual’s body shape and is also available in a range of densities. A higher density gives the foam an increased amount of support and durability.

This synthetic material is produced by a reaction between two chemicals, a few minor ingredients and water. It is then solidified into foam via one of two processes: the Slabstock Process or the Molded Process. In the former, a chemical mix is poured onto a moving conveyor belt, where it is allowed to react and expand. The slab is then cut, stored and allowed to cure for 24 hours. The Molded Process differs only in that the chemical mix is poured into specially shaped molds as opposed to an open conveyor.

Serenity Foam


Memory foam (viscoelastic foam) is a type of polyurethane foam and is therefore synthetic. When the foam was originally developed in the late 1960s by NASA, the result was a very dense, open cell variety of polyurethane foam that molded to the weight and shape and temperature of an individual. Unlike latex or standard polyurethane foam, memory foam is a slow-response foam and gradually conforms to your body and temperature. It also takes a certain amount of time to recover and resume its original shape. Due to its high density, it helps to reduce pressure points as well as minimize motion transfer.



Latex literally means “polymers suspended in water” and can be 100% natural, 100% synthetic or a blend of the two. Latex foam can be manufactured via one of two processes: the Dunlop process or the Talalay process.

The Dunlop Process is the most commonly used method of production for latex foam. The four-step process begins by blending natural and synthetic latex with soaps and curing agents. In the second step, the mixture is poured into molds on a conveyor belt. The introduction of sodium silicaflouride (SSF) then gels the mixture into foam. Finally, the foam is sent into a steam chamber, where it sets and cures. This process, although much quicker than the alternative Talalay process, tends to create denser foams that are less consistent with a limited range of firmness.

The Talalay latex foam process is a highly controlled and precise process that produces the highest quality, most resilient and most consistent latex foam. It consists of six steps.


A mixture of natural and synthetic latex is blended with soaps and rubber curing agents in a temperature-controlled stainless steel tank. The soaps stabilize the mix, prevent it from coagulating and helps it “foam” up. The curing agents strengthen the polymer or rubber bond of the latex particles.



The compound is transferred to the pressroom, where it is whipped into a frothy liquid form. It is then injected into an aluminum pin core mold by a robotic arm. The mold, which is fixed, is filled partially to allow for the production of a wider range of ILDs. More compound is used to create a firmer foam, while less compound results in a plusher feel.



The mold is sealed and a vacuum is used to extract air and evenly distribute the liquid inside. This gives the latex a consistent, round and open cell structure.


The latex is chilled to -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Freezing allows for a more consistent cell structure as it prevents particles from settling. It also allows for the production of softer ILDs.


Carbon dioxide is introduced to gel or solidify the foam.


The mold is heated to 220 degrees Fahrenheit to cure the core as it is baked into a solid state. The large number of pins in the Talalay mold allow for consistent heat transfer to the entire product.

The resulting product of either process is latex foam, which is a naturally resilient and breathable cushioning foam that instantly conforms to the body to provide comfort and support.


In order to experience the true feel and performance of latex foam or memory foam in a mattress, there should be at least a 2 inch thick foam layer near the sleeping surface(s). Anything thinner or further down in the product will have little to no benefit or value.




People often ask how long a mattress will last. The industry and the Better Sleep Council have changed their recommendation from 8-10 years to replacing your mattress every 5-7 years. It’s difficult to say what is the more accurate guideline because the life of a mattress is influenced by several factors:

  • the quality of the materials used in the product
  • whether a mattress is padded on one side or two
  • the weight of the person(s) sleeping on the mattress
  • whether the person is a side/back/stomach sleeper
  • how much the person moves while sleeping
  • whether a Foundation is used and the type of foundation. We recommend purchasing new foundation with your mattress or and Adjustable Base.

At Brothers Bedding Mattress Factory, we primarily make two-sided mattresses. This gives you the option to flip your mattress, helping to extend the comfort life of your mattress by sharing the wear over two sides. We also use modules that bend and flex in our box springs to provide better shock absorption. These construction elements are designed to offer greater durability than what is commonly found in the marketplace today.


Mattresses can be constructed in a few different ways. In terms of basic construction, they can either be one-sided or two-sided. A one-sided mattress only has padding on the top side and cannot be flipped over. A two-sided mattress, on the other hand, is padded equally on both sides and can be flipped to ensure maximum comfort and longevity.

As far as the padding design is concerned, mattresses can have a tight top, pillow top or Eurotop as shown in the drawings below. In a traditional “tight top” mattress, the top upholstery layer is pulled down and attached to the mattress with one tape edge. In a pillow top or Eurotop, the top upholstery layer is attached as a separate “floating” layer.



The purpose of a box spring is to provide support and act as a shock absorber for the mattress. It should therefore have some “give” to it in order to adequately relieve pressure from the mattress. A poor box spring can be too soft, too firm or inconsistent in support. A good box spring will consist of base frame, insulator pad, fabric cover and shock absorbing support elements, as shown below:


Platform that is typically comprised of a wooden box made from a very durable wood called POLPAR from a mom and pops shop in Kentucky, then covered with cardboard and fabric.

Bed Frame


  • Better quality materials combined with a two-sided construction will enable the mattress to stay comfortable for a longer period of time.
  • Mattress warranties have little to do with the actual durability of the sleep set. Warranties only cover actual product defects, NOT the gradual loss of comfort or support due to use over time.

4. Price

Bed Price

When it comes to price, you should strive to be an educated mattress consumer. You will not be as easily fooled by the name games and pricing gimmicks used by the mattress industry and will likely find better value. We believe that while a good mattress may cost more, your sleep health is more than worth it.

At brothers bedding your mattress is THOUGHTFULLY MADE. HONESTLY PRICED.  There is a lack of transparency in the mattress industry, which makes it difficult to compare price, quality, and value. At Brothers Bedding Mattress Factory, we strive to provide a better mattress shopping experience for you: a quality product at an excellent price every day. Our factory-direct business model means we can cut out the middle man and pass those savings on to you. We never have sales, so you’re never pressured to buy on any given day. You’re encouraged to buy when you’re ready, and you always receive the best price. The only sales we have are on floor model, closeouts, discontinued products and accessories. We may offer from time to time, usually on national holidays, sales or promotions and they are real sales NOT gimmicks. For instant take $400 OFF certain product and that is the real sale, we don’t increase then take away. The price you see the time of purchase you will find in our website and you will still see it within a year or more, as price increases usually happen every three to five years.


Comfort is important, but construction is, too.

The first step is to find some mattresses that feel good to you. Then you’ll want to find out exactly what’s inside of those mattresses so that you can properly compare price, quality, and value. If you don’t know what the mattress is made of, you won’t know if you’re getting a good value.

At Brothers Bedding Mattress Factory, we have cutaways of every one of our mattresses so that you can see exactly what’s inside. We’re also happy to take you into our factory to show you how our mattresses are made, or even schedule you to see your mattress being made.

Buying a set can save you money in the long run. 

Sometimes, mattress shoppers will try to save money by purchasing just the mattress.  While this is an option, it is important to know that mattresses and foundation are designed to work together. If one is worn out, the other probably is, too. Putting a new mattress on an old foundation might seem like a quick fix, but your new mattress will conform to any weak areas in your old foundation. This could impact the comfort, support, and durability of your brand new mattress.

 At Brothers Bedding Mattress Factory, we pair our mattresses with durable foundations to increase the performance and durability of your mattress. You can purchase the mattress and foundation separately, if you prefer, but buying as a set is less expensive in the long run.

Be wary of long-term financing.

Many mattress retailers advertise their long-term, interest-free financing — often for periods of five years or longer. In order to offer such long terms, retailers build the added cost of financing into the already-inflated price of the mattress.

At Brothers Bedding Mattress Factory, we don’t offer long-term financing because we believe in transparency and honest pricing. While we do offer both six-month and twelve-month financing options @ 0% (minimum purchase levels apply), we don’t feel it’s right to go beyond that. We want you to get a great bed that you can actually afford — and you can at Brothers Bedding Mattress Factory. If you desire to finance for a period more than 12 months, please speak to you sleep expert.

Watch out for pricing games.

These are common in the mattress industry because the same core price points have been around for decades. Unfortunately, mattress manufacturers and retailers have reduced quality in order to retain these core price points. Since the average customer is only in the market for a mattress every five to 10 years, they are usually unaware of these hidden changes. The key is to shop smart and ask plenty of questions before you make a purchase.

Bed Price

Brothers Bedding Mattress Factory offers better-quality products at honest, factory-direct prices because we have eliminated the middleman and all associated costs and markups. We can show you what is inside of every mattress, and we clearly post our prices so that you can shop and compare.


The majority of our mattresses are equally padded on both sides for your longtime comfort and support. Although you do not have to flip our two-sided mattresses, we suggest periodically rotating and flipping to extend the life of your bedding set and to minimize body impressions. Enroll now to receive flip service by our reliable team. (see store or call for details)

Rotating and Flipping