Hybrid Endure (Medium-Firm)

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Height: 13″
Comfort Level: Medium-Firm

The Endure Latex Hybrid mattress is one of Brothers Bedding’s newest Hybrid line mattresses. This mattress comes 2 sided for maximum lifespan and continuous comfort. Additionally, The Endure Hybrid is engineered to work perfectly on adjustable bases, covered by our unbeatable Non-Prorated 12-year warranty and backed by our exclusive 365-day comfort guarantee for peace of mind. (Learn more about our warranty)

The Endure Hybrid mattress is built with talalay latex foam, latex mattresses have a reputation for being one of the most durable and supportive materials for all sleeping positions. Latex is 10 times more durable than traditional polyethene foam mattresses. Moreover, latex foam resists the weight of your body more, giving a greater sense of buoyancy and support. Lastly, talalay latex foam has an open-cell structure which allows increased airflow keeping your body temperature neutral throughout the night!

The Endure Hybrid is supported by the Quantum Edge Elite Pocketed Coil System. The Quantum coil system is designed for low motion transfer and easy repositioning, minimizing disturbance as you or your partner moves during sleep.






Key Features


  • The Quantum® Edge Elite forms a frame around select ComfortCore® units, providing a better edge than foam, reducing or eliminating that roll-off feeling, and delivering a consistent sleep surface. The Combi-Zone® coils that make up the unit feature strategically positioned comfort zones that provide superior support to the hips, back, and shoulders.
  • 2-sided for maximum durability and continuous comfort.
  • Proven 26% more durable than foam encasements.
  • Built with Talalay Latex which is 10 times stronger than traditional foam.
  • On adjustable bases, Quantum Edge bends an average of 24% easier than foam encasements, which means less wear and tear on moving parts.
  • Pocketed Coil mattresses sleep up to 28% cooler than pure foam one.
  • A high coil count that offers an even surface, keeping sleepers from rolling together at night.