Hampton Collection Sommeille (Luxury Firm)

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Height: 17″
Comfort Level: Luxury Firm

The Hampton Collection features an industry leading 4,874 coils! The Sommeille luxury firm mattress is designed to give you support throughout the night so you feel as though you are sleeping on the top of  rather enveloped in the mattress. The Sommeille has a conforming firm feel, accented by its luxurious knit cover and supported by the Quantum Edge Elite Pocketed Coil System.  This coil system is designed for low motion transfer and easy repositioning , minimizing disturbance as you or your partner moves during sleep. We infused  cooling technology which provides excellent breathability, so even though your mattress hugs you while you sleep, it will still help keep your body temperature neutral for the perfect’s night sleep!

Ideal for back sleepers, stomach sleepers,  and even side sleepers, the Sommeille reduces pressure points in the shoulders, back, and hips. This mattress includes Nanocoils, which is comprised of miniature fabric-encased innersprings. The Nanocoil performance layer outlasts foam and other specialty layers which help reduce sag and settling.


Key Features


The Quantum® Edge Elite forms a frame around select ComfortCore® units, providing a better edge than foam, reducing or eliminating that roll-off feeling, and delivering a consistent sleep surface.

  • Proven 26% more durable than foam encasement's.
  • On adjustable bases, Quantum Edge bends an average of 24% easier than foam encasement's, which means less wear and tear on moving parts.
  • Innerspring sleeps up to 28% cooler than foam.
  • The Combi-Zone® coils that make up the unit feature strategically positioned comfort zones that provide superior support to the hips, back, and shoulders.
  • A high coil count that offers an even surface, keeping sleepers from rolling together at night.


Comprised of fabric-encased innersprings, NanoCoil® performance layer outlasts foam and other specialty layers.
Won't sag or settle like foam does. Quick Response to it’s original state.
Bends and flexes for a supportive, personalized feel.
Increases coil counts.
Provides a long-lasting sleep surface with a variety of layering options.