Flip to the Fresher Side: Old Technology Same Long-Lasting durability

by | Nov 21, 2023

Flip to the Fresher side. They say cost effective we say better service!

Over the years mattresses have been made only to last just a few years. The materials have been made cheaper, the craftsmanship has been taken over by machines, and the comfort has been thrown out of the window!

People always say don’t fix something if it’s not broken! Why take a product that has been working well since the beginning of time and change it? Why change old technology and take away the long-lasting durability of a mattress? Well Brothers Bedding Mattress Factory is here to stay, “We are sticking to our roots and our old ways” Why you might ask?

While some brands chase tech frills, we proudly cling to our “Old Technology” identity focused on quality and durability while providing real value to our customers. We build mattresses to outlast competitors’ brands. Our beds may not boast “Modern Tech” claims but do provide proven comfort and support night after night, year after year.

Brothers Bedding Mattress Factory: Old School Craftsmanship

     In the end, the proof is in satisfied customers who sleep blissfully without high-tech babysitting or wake-up calls from mattresses that couldn’t go the distance. Our old technology may be considered outdated and old but will never go un noticed. When buying a mattress, see through sales hype and focus on genuine craftsmanship. You’ll sleep soundly knowing quality and durability rule.