What is the Recommended Pillow for the way YOU sleep?

by | Feb 13, 2020

Most people sleep with a pillow, yet few give much thought to the type of pillow they buy. Did you know that sleeping on the wrong type of pillow for your size or the way you sleep can lead to disturbed sleep, headaches, or neck pain? Minimize or eliminate neck pain by selecting the right pillow shape for your body size and sleeping position.

Picking the right pillow is important given that you can spend an average of 8 hours a day resting your head on it and more if you’re lucky! Consider the following to help you choose the right pillow for better rest and the well-being of your neck and spine.

Best Pillows for Back Sleepers

Choose a pillow that is not too firm or too high as you want your neck supported with your head at the same level as your upper spine.

One option for people experiencing neck pain is to consider a contoured pillow.

According to an article by Harvard Medical School, a rounded pillow with built-in neck support that supports the natural curve of your neck is a good way to go.

A medium profile pillow is typically recommended for back sleepers.

Best Pillows for Side Sleepers

The key is to keep your spine straight with a pillow that is higher at the neck and lower at the head. There should be no gap between your neck and your pillow when lying on your side. Hence try and find a pillow that conforms to your head while providing supportMemory Foam, Contoured Pillows and Latex Pillows provide good support while retaining their shape and support throughout your slumber.

high profile pillow is recommended for side sleepers with a larger frame.

medium profile pillow is recommended for side sleepers with a medium frame.

Best Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

Experts don’t recommend sleeping on your stomach. When you do so, it causes your back to arch and neck to turn, straining your neck and spine.

If you do find yourself unable to sleep any other way or waking up mostly on your stomach, then it’s advisable to choose a very soft, flat pillow or no pillow at all to help keep your neck and spine as level as possible.

low profile pillow is recommended for stomach sleepers.

Bottom Line…by following the recommendations above and avoiding the purchase of pillows online without trying them before you buy is a very smart choice. Go to one of our five locations and speak with a Sleep Expert and take their recommendations to physically try the pillow before you buy it. Always remember that if you have a sleep partner that their pillow may differ from yours. If you are concerned with your bed looking symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing to the eye once it is made, you can always use inexpensive pillows for show. Then you can sleep with the pillow that works best for the way YOU sleep.

Written by: Eric L.