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823 Foothills Mall Dr
Maryville, TN 37801
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Peters Road

220 N Peters Rd
Knoxville, TN 37923
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5610 N Broadway St.
Knoxville, TN 37918
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906 Callahan Dr Suite 110
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Myron AbeytaMyron Abeyta
20:34 10 Mar 23
Eric L. Is my sister’s and mine expert salesman. He patiently explained each mattress, how it was built, and the comfort levels. He encouraged us to lay on each mattress to find our comfort level. He even gave us pillows. Eric explained in detail different financing options, walked us through each step of delivery and the warranty. I’ve had my mattress now for approximately 2 weeks (the Endure in a medium/firm) and I can truly say the pain in my left shoulder and hip has diminished by 90 percent. I’m sleeping so much more comfortably and waking less. I had searched extensively for a mattress for 2 years. I’m glad I waited and was thorough. Best decision I’ve made in a long time. Thank you Brothers Bedding and thank you Eric. I would also like to shout out the clean cut men who were kind and thoughtful who delivered my bed and the communications were clear and timely.
Allan WeberAllan Weber
23:16 18 Feb 23
Large election of mattresses for everyone's needs. Sales staff are very knowledgeable and straight forward. Delivery was on time (actually a little early) and very courteous and efficient. If you are looking for a frustration free experience, highly recommended.
Jan BalesJan Bales
23:32 07 Feb 23
Just bought a mattress set at the Callahan store. Trevor was so patient with me. He spent a lot of time explaining the differences in the mattresses. I didn`t feel rushed at all! This is the most comfortable mattress I ever slept on. Thank you, Trevor!
Jon TothJon Toth
18:38 03 Feb 23
Mitch did a thorough job of explaining the makings of a Brothers quality mattress and what separates them from all other brands on the market. The comfort difference is especially noticeable. I also feel good about being about to purchase a quality product that is manufactured locally.
Glen WhitteakerGlen Whitteaker
19:09 15 Nov 22
The service representative was very welcoming with a lot of knowledge with each mattress we looked at. He was very reassuring in the products durability, and companies backing of their products. I would recommend to anyone to stop and check-out these products. I was thoroughly impressed, and comfortable in my purchase of a new mattress at this store.
John BryndaJohn Brynda
19:35 05 Nov 22
Had a great experience with Krista at Brothers Bedding Callahan Road. She knows her stuff, and led me through pros/cons of all the various models. She was well informed, patient, and no pressure. I'm looking forward to getting my new mattress in about a week, as they say, fresh from the oven. Fingers crossed!
Rich WilsonRich Wilson
02:55 27 Oct 22
Walked in to Broadway store looking to replace an aging mattress. Met Krista and she was awesome!! Took an unbelievable amount of time working with us and figuring out our needs. Probably two hours later we are hooked up with a P+L. So happy with the service we got. You rock, Krista!!
monica beasleymonica beasley
17:14 04 Oct 22
Our saleswoman Krista Blakemore was professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. It was time well spent. I will look to her for all my bed/mattress needs in the future.
Mike HatmakerMike Hatmaker
21:18 22 Jul 22
What a pleasant surprise. My wife and I stop at the Peters Rd store to look for a new mattress.Mitch helped us pick a mattress and showed us different mattresses with different price points for what we were looking for. With all his years making and selling, I felt like he was the professor of mattresses. I don’t know any retail store that have people that have made one.I was really impressed with the knowledge of the employees that we talk to, even the delivery guys were knowledgable about their products and recommended a mattress protector.After delivery we went to the Callahan store, since its was closer to home, to pick up new mattress protector and had the same excellent experience with Josh as we did with Mitch.It is good to know that there are still companies like this that actually care about their products and service. These employees just don’t watch a video and then go and try sell you a mattress, they know their products, since they are made here at home.We are very happy with sales and delivery, but since we have not had very long, I will update if it falls apart or something. I don’t think it will, looks and feels very well made.
Laura KingLaura King
17:07 16 Jul 22
Thank you for a wonderful experience! Andrea knew what we needed from a phone call! It was delivered today, and the guys set up quickly while being polite and knowledgeable. We will shop with them again. Aubrey King, Crossville
Edwina SorrellsEdwina Sorrells
13:07 10 Jul 22
We talked to Mitch about our mattress research. He answered ALL of our questions and then showed us various mattresses based on our preference and needs. He was very professional and we'd highly recommend Brothers Bedding!
Benjamin BradleyBenjamin Bradley
00:36 01 Jul 22
Great experience and knowledge, well informed. Highly recommend! Locally made
John RussellJohn Russell
13:10 01 Jun 22
We went to brother bedding on Monday they were very helpful. Purchased our mattress that evening was delivered today and set up and took old mattress. 5 star all the way.
Boni WittBoni Witt
16:49 22 May 22
Trevor was very knowledgeable about their products and explained them with great detail. This is my second time to purchase from them. Very clean and friendly atmosphere.
Mike ThompsonMike Thompson
15:16 06 Apr 22
I had a great experience with Josh! We did not know where to start and he showed us some good options for what we needed.Plus, we love supporting a local company here in Knoxville!
Kolin DonahueKolin Donahue
12:05 06 Apr 22
My wife and I began and ended our mattress search at Brothers due to the excellent customer service. We had our two toddlers with us, which made it difficult to focus, but the staff was amazing and helped out with them greatly. Highly recommend due to amazing people/customer service and an even better product.
A SharpA Sharp
21:16 02 Apr 22
For years, I needed a new mattress, but I don’t get paid very much, so it took me a long time to save up enough money. I chose Brothers Bedding because I wanted to support a local business. While trying out a medium firm “Pure Green Latex” mattress, I told the salesman that it would be the perfect mattress for me if the middle area of it didn’t feel so strangely elevated (my lower back/bottom felt higher than my head). He then assured me that this type of mattress does not usually have this problem, and that only this particular mattress in the showroom had this issue due to it being on an adjustable base. I assumed he knew what he was talking about, so this seemed like a reasonable explanation. I then made a HUGE mistake and purchased this mattress. It was delivered in early December 2021. I was extremely excited to sleep on it, but very disappointed when I woke up the next day with a sore lower back and numb hands. Despite what the salesman promised me, the middle of the mattress still felt higher than my head. Still I tried to tough it out and forced myself to try sleeping on it for 3 more nights. Each morning my body felt worse and worse. After a total of 4 nights sleeping on it, I actually had to call out of work because I was in so much pain.This mattress has been a devastating financial loss for me. I only ever slept on it for 4 nights and have been sleeping on my couch since December 2021. If you are like me and do not make a lot of money, then PLEASE just shop at one of the bigger stores that allow you to return and refund ANY type of mattress. If I bought this somewhere like Mattress Firm, then I’d have been able to return it after 21 days/before 120 days. I literally threw away a total of $2,473.42 (including delivery fee & tax) on a mattress that I can not sleep on. If I had known that this elevated feeling would still be present in the middle of the mattress, even when it was not on an adjustable base (which the salesman told me it definitely would NOT), then I never would have purchased it.
Georgia McDonaldGeorgia McDonald
17:24 18 Feb 22
Very friendly staff willing to help. It's great that they offer free delivery and they are taking my old one away too. Would highly recommend
Dorinda StephensDorinda Stephens
19:42 10 Feb 22
Our delivery drivers were top notch! We are very pleased with them because they went above and beyond with our delivery to make sure everything was done correctly and to our specifications. They were so kind and pleasant and made sure it was a smooth delivery. We definitely give them 5 stars!!!We have already recommended Brothers Bedding to several friends and family, even though we just received our mattress today. The entire experience has been top notch. Diana made the purchase easy for us and the decision on which mattress to choose and easy one. I’m actually looking forward to going to sleep tonight and not dreading it.☺️
Joshua ReedJoshua Reed
17:43 02 Feb 22
We're very happy so far with our new Mattress. We previously had a memory foam mattress that was comfortable at first but didn't last super long and it was very hot at night. Our new mattress regulates temperature much better and is super comfortable.
Jay SimmonsJay Simmons
22:44 17 Jan 22
Stopped in at the Maryville store on 1/8 needing a new bed after trying so many other mattress stores, talked with Derrick and told him what we were looking for. He showed us a few options based on our needs, very proffesional, easy to talk to, and no pressure, after deciding on one bed was delivered on the 14th, best sleep we've had in years. Very pleasant experience all around, thanks Derrick.
John PooleyJohn Pooley
15:50 05 Jan 22
Knowledgeable people that take the time to help you make a decision. Efficient and courteous delivery.
Lora WoodsLora Woods
23:41 16 Nov 21
We have always used Brothers Bedding and been happy.Once again they did not dissapoint. Purchased our bed and a nice padding for our king bed. Love it thanks Brothers Beds.
Teresa Webb-MartinTeresa Webb-Martin
09:51 04 Nov 21
The bedding came in excellent condition and on time. The salesmen and delivery men were knowledgeable and friendly. Excellent service.
Dennis PrewittDennis Prewitt
15:13 29 Oct 21
Our 3rd Brothers bed is a king size and has been a big disappointment. It feels like a regular size bed with extra added to make it a King. When you look at it, it looks perfectly flat but when you lie on it it feels like the middle is high. I’m a side sleeper and with this mattress I have to sleep on my left side. When I try to turn on my right side it feels like I’m turning or lying uphill. I called customer service. He wasn’t the best to be a customer service representative. He said I had an attitude and told me how long brothers had been making mattresses. Maybe 40 years but at the time my F 150 was in the shop having repairs Ford was taking care of after the warranty had expired. Now Ford has been making vehicles for over 100 years and they had a problem on my vehicle so no matter how long one has been making something occasional problems happen. I don’t recommend this king size bed nor do I recommend Brothers bedding.