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Our Difference at a Glance

Sleep Number® makes a nice number bed. We think ours is better—and it’s certainly a better value. See what you think.


True Dual Adjustability YES  Air chambers are completely independent, not zipped together. NO Zippers are used, down the middle, to hold air chambers together
40-Years of Innovation YES The Personal Comfort mattress is manufactured by the producers of the Original Number Bed®, American National Manufacturing (Est. 1972). NO Select Comfort introduced “Sleep Number” in 1997, 23-years ago
# of Comfort Levels 45 Based on a standard medical pressure scale. 20 Based on their own pressure scale.
Upgradeable and Replaceable by Design YES All parts and comfort layers of the bed can be replaced or upgraded. (Ex: A4 can be upgraded to an A10) NO (Ex: the c4 cannot be upgraded to the i10)
Real-Time Pressure Monitoring YES Monitoring works in flat and elevated positions. NO Sleep Number’s Responsive Air Technology will not work in an elevated position. Your bed must remain flat (as stated on Sleep Number’s user guide).
Upper and Lower Body Massage YES BedTech BT3000 models come with massage. NO
Reversible Top Cover YES Gives you more options and longer life (A5 and up). NO
2 Remotes YES 2 remotes included at no additional charge. NO Additional charge for 2nd remote.
Steel-Reinforced Hoses YES Won’t kink or crush. NO
Ultra-Flex Urethane Chambers YES NO Vulcanized Rubber chambers
Lock-Tight Fabric-Reinforced Encasement YES Keeps dual air chambers aligned and mattress sides from bowing (A4 and up). NO
25-Year Limited Warranty YES With 3 years full replacement. *5-Years Full Coverage for Rejuvenation Series NO Only 15-years and 1-year full replacement.
Best Number Bed Value YES Up to 50% less than Sleep Number.


*comparison based on product availability and features as of 12/1/20