SKU layout is broken down as follows: 10015.10.1

Model number is the first three numbers:  ( 100 )

Next two numbers are the firmness level: ( 10, 15, or 20)   10 Soft, 15 Medium, 20 Firm

Next number set is for the size of the mattress: ( .03,.03XL,.04,.05,.06, .06CA)

Last set of numbers how many sides of thickness of topper:  .1, .2 for sides or .2” or .3” for the thickness.

Your foundations will also use the same SKU layout.

2.5 Extra Low

5.5 Low Profile

.08 Standard

Models of mattress is the model of the foundation.(model 100) example:

Above example is model 100, size twin, 5.5 is height